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According to AllFacebook only 3%-7.5% of your page fans see your page posts. 

Over time your fan base will decay if they are not engaged and do not click on your posts.  It is important to keep your fans engaged by being relevant and interesting so that your brand stays in their evoked set.

Baseline Metrics

It is important to understand how well a page is doing in the present so that in the future each tactic implemented through Facebook can be analysed for effectiveness.  In this way, it will become easier to create interest for the company.  You should record a caseline for at minimum Page Insights and current posting frequency.

Information collected from the Facebook page through the Page Insights can be used to understand the frequency, impressions and feedback.  Many marketers agree your feedback rate goal should be at least 1%.  Generally, messages centered on engaging content instead of boring company messages will grow this number.

It is important to understand the current post frequency and type of message content that is posted on your page.  Keep a journal of daily activities so that you can later pinpoint which actions were most effective.

Implementations to Grow Audience

Use @tagging when you are commenting on something.  After your comment you type @ and your page name.  People will click on these links and if interested like your page.

Suggest your page to all your friends.  This can help, as friends of your friends will see when they like your page.

Add a “Like” button to your website’s homepage that links to your Facebook page.  Users can then like your Facebook page when they visit your website.  This will help you to form relationships and understand your customer better.

Facebook Like Ads are easy, targeted and relatively inexpensive to implement. With these ads you can specifically target certain demographics and groups to advertise to.  Targeted advertising can be very effective in gaining new members.  Cost-per-like ranges from $0.10-1.25.  All of the amounts can be defined and set prior to implementing the plan.

Use sponsored ad’s as a method to re-engage your page fans.  Over time, if a fan hasn’t clicked your posts they will receive fewer and fewer messages from you.  One way to fight this is through Sponsored Ads which will put your post back in your fans newsfeed.  If this post is done well you should start to get more interest again.  Make these posts about the user and somehow engaging.  Tactics could be to use questions, crisis’ around the world, interesting articles, strange and different pictures or anything along those lines.  The key here is to get the user to click your post so that they will start receiving your messages again.


Social media is a great tool to engage in two-way communication so use it.  Posts that ask questions or have high interest will start to increase engagement.  At first, the engagement may be low but as more people comment, others will feel more confident in posting their opinion as well.

Engaging in complementary brands is conducive to growing the buzz for your company.  First, pick brands that compliment your business, instead of brands that are in direct competition.  “Like” the pages of these brands and your presence will grow as people see you interacting.  Post interesting comments and ideas on other pages.  Make sure the content is centered on the reader and not your company.  Ask interesting or heated questions to start dialogs and make sure to follow-up.


About an hour a day, searching for content and commenting on posts within the community will grow your presence.  To keep these users engaged you should be posting one to five times a day to keep people passionate.  Four posts should be engagement-oriented and the last could be sales-orientated.  If you are time-challenged then a minimum maintenance program would be once a week.












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